Dr Chris Spackman is a researcher and historian who graduated with a Ph.D. from the University of Portsmouth in 2016. His thesis examined the relationship between The Boys’ Brigade and urban cultures in late nineteenth and early twentieth century Britain and presented his research at several academic conferences.

In the early 1990s Chris was an Anchor Boy in the 3rd Swindon before joining the 5th Swindon where he obtained his Queen’s Badge. He continues his ‘BB’ connection as a Trustee for The Boys’ Brigade Archive Trust and has played the bugle in The Bugles and Drums of the Stedfast Association (BADOTSA) since 2007. 

Chris is the author of four publications for The Boys’ Brigade Archive Trust: ‘Heroes of The Boys’ Brigade’ (2018), ‘Felden Lodge: A Pictorial History’ (2019), and the memorials to Prince Philip (2021) and Queen Elizabeth II (2022).