1983 – Centenary Salute

Ibrox was the venue for this mammoth outdoor display of all that is best in the Brigade. Although the stadium was not full, as had been hoped, it was a glittering occasion on which the sun shone and to which BB folk had come from all over the world. The Colours of every Battalion in the British isles and the flags of the overseas countries were paraded at the start. Taking part were the BB National Brass Band comprising 300 boys drawn from England, Northern Ireland and Scotland; the Massed Pipe Band, over 600 strong, made up of players from Scotland and England; the London District BB Bugle Band with 500 buglers and drummers, immaculate in their uniform; the The Scottish National Eb Trumpet Band, comprising 170 boys from six Companies from the West of Scotland; The Anchormen — 125 boys and girls from the 5th Halifax Company, in addition, there was a Physical Recreation Display by Company Section boys from Dumbarton and West Lowland Districts and Team Games by Junior Section boys from Clydesdale District.

The mood of the afternoon changed as everyone waited expectantly for the opening of the Jubilee Casket. This was sealed at the Dechmont Camp in 1933 and contained among other things a message for the boys of 1983. The audience was hushed as Lord Elgin broke the seals and the message read by Sgt. Bruce Hannah of the 22nd Paisley Company.

A message for 2033 with other appropriate items was sealed in a casket to be opened in fifty year’s time.

Following the Sunset Ceremony, Lord Elgin accompanied by the Secretary for Scotland, Mr H. T. Shirley, MBE, TD, circled the stadium in an open vehicle to tumultuous applause from the thousands of spectators.

In the programme for ‘Centenary Salute’ the Brigade President Lord Elgin wrote:

… we take pride in the boys of 1983 to show us that enthusiasm for the movement is as great today as it was in the early years. The future of The Boys’ Brigade, poised to move into its second century, is well assured by the boys of today…

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