Cleveland Hike


Set in the beautiful North York Moors in the North East of England this annual event, in June, has become a regular challenge for participants in the BB calendar.

Back in 1963 Officers and Boys of 1st Marske BB Company (now 21st Teeside) decided to go with the local Scout Troop to the Yorkshire Dales to enter a competition called ‘The Dalesmans Hike’. They entered and won the non Scout Trophy coming 8th out of 100 teams. They were delighted with this type of competition and decided to devise something similar for The Boys’ Brigade. Nothing was done until 1964 when there was a function organised by the then 4th Redcar BB Company. At this meeting was the North of England President John Chalmers, who was asked why The Boys’ Brigade did not have a similar competition of this type. He did not know and threw down the challenge for one to be organised. Later that year the 2nd Marske BB Company won the first challenge hike devised by the Cleveland Boys’ Brigade. July 1964 was therefore the first official Cleveland Hike and about 10 local teams and the 5th Gateshead BB Company from further afield took part. In these early days things were run on a small scale and the start and finish was at ‘Hob Hole’. Traditionally since the finish now is always at Danby Village Hall, Danby.

The event quickly became popular and has continued to grow. It was interrupted in 2001 due to the Foot and Mouth outbreak that year. In 2024 The Cleveland Hike celebrates its 60th Anniversary and during these years has produced both metal and cloth badges in a very distinctive and recognisable style.

Entries now go far beyond local Companies with teams from all regions of the United Kingdom and also even from Denmark competing. Other organisations such as The Scouts, Guides, Army/Air/Sea Cadets and Schools amongst others have participated. Although teams will need to navigate from checkpoint to checkpoint with the aid of a map and compass each year there are different ‘incident’ challenges to be overcome at each checkpoint. These are based on physical, mental or agility

team challenges where extra points can be achieved for each team. Fitness, skill and teamwork are requirements of all entrants.

Foremost it has always been recognised that this is a team challenge and there are 4 categories which can be entered

  • Standard Team (Main Competition) –  3 persons, aged 12-19years
  • Standard Team –  4 persons 12-19 years
  • Expedition Team –  non competitive teams or teams with juniors (under 12) accompanied by an adult
  • Veterans Team –  3 or 4 persons with 1 or more aged 20+

At the end of the 2 day challenge, covering around 30/35 miles, competitors will receive a certificate and prizes for the winners and also a burger!

60 Years of hikes

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