7th PA Camp

MELBOURNE VIC, JAN 1981 (800+ Campers)

Held in the middle of Melbourne’s Bible Belt at Nunawading, this Camp featured an awesome Assault Course containing obstacles of such great height, that at least two people “froze” at the top of one of the wooden structures.
The 7th PAC was the fifth Camp to feature the now well established PENTAPACaward, consisting of Devotions, Skills (Compass Reading, Cricket Ball Throw, Chess, Draughts, Basketball), Discover Melbourne, Assault Course and Orienteering. Tours included the famous Puffing Billy railway and a trip to Sovereign Hill and Kryall Castle at Ballarat.

A series of inter-camp company competitions were also conducted in addition to the Volleyball comp sponsored by The Bank of NSW (now Westpac). This Camp was the last held using a common activity program with little variety for Seniors.

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