East Antrim Heritage Society

Pop-up Museum. – The East Antrim Battalion Heritage Society has a BB Heritage Display which tours the local area,and can be found in public buildings and shopping centres. The exhibition is usually set up for a period of one month, manned by a team of volunteers. The exhibition has proved popular and is well supported.

The Journey to get here – In February 2019, the Battalion executive granted the president, Mr. Drew Buchanan MBE to investigate stepping up a Heritage Society.  A few companies had closed in the Battalion and the Drew was concern about “what happens to all the BB stuff”.

On the 1st of August 2019 the Society was launched with the purpose to record, display and digitise all records from the Battalion with the purpose of preserving, exhibiting, and celebrating our local history with the community. A database was set up to record each item donated, that item was then photographed and stored.

Following some successful grant applications and over 1000 items being recorded we started to exhibit the collection. Following another successful grant application we bought a 12 foot trailer and we then decided we would be East Antrim Battalion Heritage Society mobile museum.

As we approached our 2nd anniversary we have held exhibitions in Larne Library, Ballyclare Library, Carrickfergus Civic Centre and more recently we are renting properties for a month at a time with the purpose of promoting the recruitment into each of the 19 companies in East Antrim.

We have just finished a month long exhibition in Carrickfergus High street and we are holding another month long exhibition in August / September in Larne Murryfield shopping centre.

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Opening Times

1st – 3rd June

10am -12md and 2 – 4pm

4th June

10am – 12md

7th – 10th  June

10am -12md and 2 – 4pm

11th June

10am – 12md

14th – 17th June

10am -12md and 2 – 4pm

18th June

10am – 2pm

21st – 24th June

10am -12md and 2 – 4pm


1st-24th June 2022

De Courcy Centre

11 Antrim St, Carrickfergus BT38 8AG


East Antrim Heritage Society
Tel: 07803146938

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