BADOTSA Guernsey Tour 2022

Over the weekend of 7 – 9 May, 2022, The BADOTSA (Bugles and Drums of the Stedfast Association) Band took part in a number of events marking the 77th anniversary of the liberation of Guernsey. Sandy Phillips – side-drummer in the band – shares her reflections from the weekend.

Guernsey Liberation Day Tour

At the invitation of and organised by Steve England, 2nd Guernsey Company

Saturday, 7 May, 2022: Rehearsal at La Houguette School

At 15.45 to after 18.00, BADOTSA and the 2nd Guernsey Company band met at La Houguette School for a rehearsal for the weekend’s performances. It was lovely weather. 

Performing ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’ in a revolving spoke, affectionately known as ‘Norman’.

Marches practiced by BADOTSA included the popular ‘tunes’ Felden, Gurka Rifles, Brunswick, Shamrock, Dambusters, Great Escape, Brown-Haired Maiden, and Drums Up-Front.

Sunday, 8 May, 2022: Church Parade at St. Mary’s, L’Islet, and ‘Beating Retreat’ on Albert Pier

The bands and Company assembled at 09.15 in the car park at St. Mary’s Church, which is the Headquarters of the 2nd Guernsey Company. At 09.30 both bands and the uniformed organisations fell-in to commence the parade at 09.35. The 2nd Guernsey Company took the lead, with the bands taking it in turns to play items of music.

2nd Guernsey Company Band leading the parade.

A lovely church service followed with the hymns ‘Praise my Soul the King of Heaven’, ‘Seek ye First the Kingdom of God’, ‘Stand up! Stand up! For Jesus’, ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ and, ‘Will your Anchor Hold?‘.

We went to the Wayside Cheer Hotel for a lovely carvery lunch and, following this, free time was had before assembling at the Liberation Monument near the Clock Tower at the Port of St. Peter at 19.00. 

The parade departed from the Liberation Monument at 19.15 along the main road along the seafront. We turned left to the Albert Pier where we ‘Beat Retreat’ with the 2nd Guernsey Company, again, taking it in turns to play until 20.15.

Monday, 9 May, 2022: Liberation Day

At 11.30 and again at 12.05 we gave two static performances at Cornet Castle, which were well received. It was brilliant sunshine all day.

Band, ready! At Castle Cornet. 12.00 we hear the noon day canon… BANG!

Following this performance, we took transport to St. Andrew’s Parish for a marching performance at the ‘Last Post Inn’. 

We returned to St. Peter Port at 15.00 to assemble on the Castle Emplacement on the Sea Wall to the roof of the bunker overlooking the Yacht Pond. Here we played to the cavalcade as it drove around the Yacht Pond and to the Duke and Duchess of Wessex during their walkabout. 

Band roster

Drum Major: Alex Easterby

Drummers: Noel Davis, Will Farrant, Sandy Philips, Barry McCann, Steve England, Chris Noble

Buglers: Chris Spackman, Graham Spackman, Antony England, Richard Hawes, Roy Meadows, Ian Barnes, Julia Rivett, Paul Whitmell, Brian White, Dave Hall

Cymbals: Mike Ford, Shaila Piper, Martin Wallis

Bass Drums: Freddie Wilks, Jack Burgess

Bells: Holly Burgess, Hazel Wallis, Jane Jones

Thanks to Jessie Easterby for the photographs, and a note of thanks as well to Brent Greenwood and Steve England for your roles in organisation and transportation over the weekend.

In memory of Bugler Rob Bolton, who passed away just before the event in Guernsey.

Sandy Phillips BADOTSA


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