1992 Juniors 75

In 1992, the Junior Section celebrated the 75th Anniversary with fun events, parties, team games, recruiting programmes, and the challenge was put out to all Junior Sections to undertake a form of Community Service.

To identify all Junior Sections who successfully completed the challenge a colourful sew-on badge was produced to be worn on the left arm, 2” below the Company Title (below the Welsh Dragon for Welsh Companies).

Only Junior Sections completing the challenge could purchase the cloth badge, and the boys could wear it on their uniform jersey for the rest of their Junior Section Service.

The aim of the challenge was threefold:.

  1. To help boys become aware of the community in which they live.
  2. To raise the profile of the BB Company in the community
  3. To give publicity to the Brigade locally or nationally.

Once the challenge was completed Junior Sections were required to return the form originally supplied with the Junior Section 75th Anniversary Packs to Brigade Headquarters, along with an order for the badges.

Together with details of the 75 challenge, the special anniversary handbook, detailed other Junior Section events including; The Birthday Party, The Recruiting Campaign, The Community Challenge, The International Team Games, The Big Birthday event, and programme ideas for section evenings. The 7 from 5 recruiting challenge was accepted by many Companies, and over 400 certificates were awarded to Companies who had increased their membership during the celebrations.

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