Wolverhampton & Shropshire

Since 1996, the 2nd Shrewsbury company has closed as has the 1st Oswestry. The 3rd West Bromwich, based in Princes End, Tipton, joined the Battalion from Mid-Staffs & Sandwell Battalion just before the new millennium. (Tipton companies had been part of the Battalion since the earliest years). Three new companies were formed, or re-formed, in Shropshire, in the New Town of Telford; 1st Ketley (2000), 1st Madeley (2006), 1st Dawley (2007). 1st Madeley closed in 2014 and 1st Dawley closed in 2016. In September 2021 1st Ketley moved to the Methodist Church in nearby Hadley and changed its name to 1st Hadley.

The 21st Coy changed churches in 2014 due to the closure of New lnvention Church, and moved to Portobello Methodist, the former home of the 15th Coy. In September 2015, a new company was started at the R.C.C.G. Church ‘Fountain of Grace’ meeting at St. John’s Cloisters in central Wolverhampton and designated ‘1st Wolverhampton’. Sadly, the company was short-lived, ceasing after two years. 2019 witnessed the closing of the 6th Coy. at St. Bart’s Penn, after more than105 years of service.

To respect the fact that the Battalion includes companies from Wolverhampton & Shropshire, since 2006, the Battalion has been known as ‘The Boys’ Brigade in Wolverhampton & Shropshire’.

2021 Battalion Companies:
1st Cheslyn Hay
1st Hadley
1st Wellington
2nd Oakengates
3rd West Bromwich (Tipton)
9th Wolverhampton (Bilston)
10th Wolverhampton (Lanesfield)
19th Wolverhampton (Bradley)
21st Wolverhampton (Portobello)

We have a very active Battalion, and every year we try to run competitions, events and activities for our members, including Swimming Gala (All sections), JS Sports (JS), JS Activity Day (JS), Anchors Activity Day (A), Table-Tennis (CS), Chess Competitions (JS, CS, SS), Rifle Shooting (CS, SS), Connect 4 (JS), Bible Quiz (All sections), General Knowledge Quiz (JS, CS, SS), 5-a-side Football (JS & CS), Snooker Competition (CS, SS), 10 pin Bowling (JS, CS, SS), Art Competition (JS CS), Anchors Day Trip (A), Anchors Christmas Party (A) and the 1st Blists Hill Re-enactment Company (JS, CS)

We have a nationally recognised and accredited DofE Team which provides training and assessment at all levels. The team often provides support for companies outside the Battalion and for Girls’ Brigade companies.

Companies from our Battalion have won National BB Competitions in Band & Chess, and hosted national competitions such as 5 a side football, Badminton, Chess and ‘Masterteam’.

We have two Brigade Training Officers who with our Training/Learning development Team run ‘Building Your Skills’ Courses for the West Midland District.

In 2015, the Battalion hosted the BB National Conference in Wolverhampton.

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