Motto Cards

The first Motto cards for the junior reserve of The Boys’ Brigade, The Boys Reserves, were produced in 1925 and organised by Rev Eric Weir, a member of the Boys Reserves Committee, by 1927 the print run was up to 19000 copies, and the minutes of 1929, report that all 20000 copies printed had been sold before Christmas. By 1931-32 sales had increased to 28000, and 30000 by 1933-34.

The abdication of King Edward VIII meant that a number of Brigade publications had to be reprinted including the Motto card. It was estimated that the cost of reprinting publications to the Brigade was in the region of £120.

By 1941, it was decided to no longer produce the Motto card, and this was replaced by the Life Boy Christmas card.

Sources: Boys Reserves and Life Boy Committee minutes 1925-1941

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