Wiltshire Battalion

From 1969 to 2009 The Wiltshire Battalion of The Boys’ Brigade was one of the smallest in the West of England District and in England as a whole. Approval for the formation of the Battalion was given by the Brigade Executive during the 1969/70 session where the strength was eight Companies, 29 Officers, 13 Warrant Officers, four Staff Sergeants, and a total of 254 Boys.[1] Prior to this, Companies in the county of Wiltshire had been a part of the Wilts and East Somerset Group. The move to the new Battalion brought to an end previous close connections and ‘BB’ friendships with Companies from East Somerset who moved to join the Somerset Battalion.[2]



[1] “Meeting of the Brigade Executive”, The Boys’ Brigade Gazette, Vol. 78, No. 5, June 1970, pp. 117-123; p. 118; The Annual Report of The Boys’ Brigade 1969 – 1970, p.53.

[2] Grahame Barnes, “Wiltshire Battalion”, in programme for the West of England & Channel Islands District 90 Display, Cheltenham Town Hall, Saturday, October 30, 2004, p.16.

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1st Swindon 1952- 2002. Rodbourne Cheney Parish, St. Mary’s

2nd Swindon 1953 – 2000. Upper Stratton Baptist Church

3rd Swindon 1955 – 1963. Sanford Street Congregational

3rd Swindon 1970 – 1996. Lower Stratton Methodist Church

4th Swindon 1957 – 1971. Trinity Presbyterian / Prospect Methodist

4th Swindon 1983 – 2005.The Dorcan Ecumenical Church

5th Swindon 1974 – Present. St Margaret’s Church, Stratton St. Margaret

6th Swindon 1986 – 1987. Dixon Street Moravian

7th Swindon 1989 – ???? Toothill Ecumenical

8th Swindon 1993 – ???? Holy Trinity, Shaw

Celebration Dinner of the Wiltshire Battalion Officers' Council, 1983