Awards 1982-2008

For the Centenary of the BB the badge system was looked at again and revised

Target 1 –   Gilt coated metal ‘TV’ shaped badge as before, showing the complete archery target design, enamelled

Target 2   Gilt coated metal ‘TV’ shaped badge as before, showing a quadrant of the target and an arrow into the central Bulls eye. Early production had a plastic decal, later produced as an all metal and coloured enamelled details. 

Proficiency Badges / Activity awards 1982 –

Revised to be the same style and size as the Target 1 and 2 awards but only five in number.

Leadership – coloured White,    Adventure – coloured Turquoise,  Community – coloured Green,

Interests – coloured Yellow   and Physical – coloured Red.

Usually a coloured cold enamel with a clear epoxy resin dome, and these were issued when the basic or first year qualifications were attained. When stage 2, second year, of the achievement were gained a red surround was awarded which fitted around the badge and for stage 3, third year, a blue surround was gained which fitted around the red surround.

Each badge had various different topics in which the boys had to achieve  a standard to qualify and these could be carried through from stages 1 to 3 in increasing detail. Tested by staff or by external personnel to teach and test to standards to qualify.

Queen’s Badge –  a red or purple barrel shaped enamelled badge  (variations of colour shades over the years)

President’s Badge – a blue enamelled barrel shaped badge

(Miniature lapel badges were available for both Queen’s and President’s badges for out of uniform wear)

Duke of Edinburgh award scheme badge available in Gold, Silver and Bronze to match the level achieved in the scheme.

Junior Section badge – a diamond shaped badge to show service in the Junior section and Gold or Silver to show the level achieved.

Service badge – barrell shaped and a place to put an insert to denote the number of years service.

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