Haslam G – 1912

BB Gazette Vol.20 No.10The Brigade Executive have awarded the Cross for Heroism to Sergeant Gerald Haslam, aged 17, 25th Sheffield Company, for rescuing a Boy from drowning in a dam in Whiteley Woods, Sheffield.

On Good Friday, 1912, Gerald Haslam was passing Gainsford’s Dam in Whiteley Wood. He noticed two boys launching a craft composed of planks bound with string. Onto his crazy craft they floated across the dam, and when neared the centre of the dam, the string gave way. One of the boys could swim, and swam to the safety of the shore. The other was not so fortunate and was soon in danger of drowning. Without removing any of his garments Sergeant Haslam jumped into the dam, swam to the boy, and seized him as he was on the point of going down. Gerlad Haslam managed to safely return to shore with the boy. The facts were reported to the Executive committee of The Boys’ Brigade, which awarded Gerald Haslam the Brigade Cross for Heroism.

The Sheffield daily Telegraph of 11th June 1912 reported on the presentation of the award by Councillor S Osborn, President of the Sheffield Battalion, at an inspection of the company at their headquarters, St. Augustine’s Parish Room, on the 10th June 1912.

Boys Brigade Cross for Heroism

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