Casey L – 1959

BB Gazette Vol.67 No.3The Boys’ Brigade cross for heroism was awarded to Lance-Corporal Lindsay Gordon Casey of the 4th Parramatta (N.S.W) Company for his outstanding display of physical resilience to save the lives of two of his friends.

The three Boys were swimming in the Pacific Ocean at Shelly Beach, north of Sydney, when a strong rip tide was running and carried them some 125 yards out to sea, where they were battered by the powerful waves. Casey went to the aid of one of his friends who was floating face-down in the water and helped him to shore. In the meantime his other friend, who had been trying to swim to the shore against the current, was in difficulty too and was being carried out to sea again. Casey immediately swam the 100 yards out to sea to reach his other friend and eventually succeeded, after a hard struggle, in bringing him to safety.

Boys Brigade cross for heroism

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