Clark W – 1910

BB Gazette Vol.19 No.6 – The Brigade Executive has awarded the Cross for Heroism to Private William Clark, aged 15, 94th London Company, for saving a Boy from drowning in Canal near River Lea, on 3rd December, 1910.

East London Advertiser 22nd April 1911 – AN EAST END HERO – The Boys’ Brigade has just been informed that the committee of the Carnegie Hero Fund has decided to award a silver watch and £5 to William Clark, a member of the 94th London Company, who saved a comrade from drowning in December last.

Several Lads were walking along the tow-path on the banks of the Lea at Old Ford, on their way to a football field. When they reached a spot known as the Lion’s Den they found that the path had been flooded by the river, which was much swollen at the time. Three of the boys were able to cross by clambering a hand rail, but a fourth, named Bushey, being frightened by a horse which was towing a barge, released hold of the rail and fell into the river. William, without pulling off his clothes, leaped in after him and, seizing him just as he was about to be swept under the barge, swam with him to the shore.

William has already received the medal of the Royal Humane Society and the Boys’ Brigade Cross for Heroism, in whose classes he had learned to swim.

Boys Brigade Cross for Heroism


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This account has been complied using records held in The Boys’ Brigade Archive Collection, local and national newspaper archives and other sources. If there are any omissions or errors we sincerely apologise, and request that you come forward with this information, so that this can be corrected.