Frew J – 1930

BB Gazette Vol.39 No.2The Boys’ Brigade Cross for Heroism has been awarded to Sergeant John Frew, aged 17, of the 1st Cowdenbeath Company.

A small Boy of 8 years of age was playing beside Bleachfield Pond, Cowdenbeath, when he fell into deep water and disappeared. An onlooker attempted to wade in, but he was unable to reach the child, and had abandoned the attempt when Sergeant Frew, hearing the alarm, rushed to the spot and dived into the pond without hesitation, although it was a notoriously dangerous place.

At first he could not find the child, but after repeated attempts he discovered him entangled in weeds and mud at the bottom of the pond. Sergeant Frew managed to pull the Boy out and draw him to the surface, and then swam with him to the bank. Although much exhausted. Sergeant Frew at once began to apply artificial respiration, and succeeded in restoring the Boy to consciousness.

Boys Brigade Cross for Heroism

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This account has been complied using records held in The Boys’ Brigade Archive Collection, local and national newspaper archives and other sources. If there are any omissions or errors we sincerely apologise, and request that you come forward with this information, so that this can be corrected.