Halliday I – 1957

BB Gazette Vol.66 No.2The Boys’ Brigade Cross For Heroism has been awarded to Private Ian Halliday of the 127th Glasgow Company.

Stedfast Mag No.51 December 1957 – The bathing party was from the joint camp of the 173rd and 127th. They were in the water only up to waist level, but suddenly the whole party found themselves being swept out to sea. The Officer in charge (Mr. Trotter), a powerful swimmer, helped several of the Boys out after a tremendous struggle against the rising sea; he turned back for others, but collapsed on the shore.

Meanwhile, Pte. Baird, who had been playing on the beach, ran the 12 miles to camp to raise the alarm, and returned accompanied by Mr. Boyd and Cpl. Campbell, who ran all the way, and despite warning shouts, plunged straight into the sea. He managed to reach a Boy, but was himself in great difficulties. He was joined by the Officer, but heavy waves broke up the trio.

Eventually, Cpl. Campbell was attacked by cramp, and he and the Officer man aged to get to shallow water, where they both collapsed. Then, among other Boys, Pte. Ian Halliday arrived. At that time, a number of Officers and Boys had attempted to rescue the Boy still in the water, and were lying on the beach receiving first-aid treatment. Seeing this, Pte. Halliday must have known of the danger to himself, and yet he went into the sea to inaugurate yet another attempt— his time successful—to bring in the body of the drowned Boy.

Writes a spectator: “The entire camp of Boys rallied to the call for help . . . they were a wonderful example of BB standards . . .”

And another: “Nothing I could write could adequately express my admiration for the bravery and example of all concerned . . .”

Boys Brigade cross for heroism

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