Haston W – 1906

BB Gazette Vol.15 No.5 – The Brigade Executive have awarded the Cross to Sergeant William Haston, aged 16, 4th Leith Company, for saving a Boy from drowning at the Marine Parade, Leith Pier, on 4th September, 1906.

Edinburgh Evening News, 8th November 1906 – Before the large gathering at the swimming gala in Leith last night, Judge McKelvie, who presided, presented the certificates on vellum of the Royal Life-Saving Society, which had been awarded to… William Haston, in recognition of their bravery in saving life… Haston distinguished himself at the Marine Parade on 4th September. Another boy had dived into 10 feet of water, and immediately began to cry for help, and threw up his arms. The bystanders thought he was ‘larking’ at first, but when the seriousness of the case was realised the alarm was raised, and Haston jumped a wall and, with all his clothes on dived to the rescue and brought the drowning boy ashore.

Boys Brigade Cross for Heroism


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This account has been complied using records held in The Boys’ Brigade Archive Collection, local and national newspaper archives and other sources. If there are any omissions or errors we sincerely apologise, and request that you come forward with this information, so that this can be corrected.