Kursa J – 1934

BB Gazette Vol.43 No.3 – The Boys’ Brigade Cross for Heroism has been awarded to Private John Dennis Kursa, aged 13, of the 133rd London Company, for rescuing another Boy from a deep mud pit at Ponders End on the 24th of June. In company with some other Boys he was crossing some waste land when one of the party running ahead suddenly felt the ground give way and in a moment was up to his waist in a deep mud pit. Kursa crept slowly forward and, when he had got as near as possible to the Boy in distress, he lay down and stretched his legs forward until the Boy could seize hold of his feet. Then followed a tremendous struggle, in which Kursa barely escaped being pulled in himself; but, inch by inch he managed to gain, until ultimately he was able to grip the Boy’s shoulders and drag him to safety.

Boys Brigade Cross for Heroism

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This account has been complied using records held in The Boys’ Brigade Archive Collection, local and national newspaper archives and other sources. If there are any omissions or errors we sincerely apologise, and request that you come forward with this information, so that this can be corrected.