Lappin A – 1913

BB Gazette Vol.22 No.5The Brigade Executive have awarded the Cross for Heroism to Corporal Archibald Lappin, aged i6, 39th Belfast Company, for rescuing two men from drowning at Donegal Quay, Belfast.

The founder of the Boys’ Brigade, Sir William Smith, presented the Brigade Cross for Heroism to Corporal Buglar Archibald Lappin, as a reward for gallantry in rescuing two men from drowning on 21st November, 1913…. The peculiar circumstances attending the plucky action of Corporal Lappin were of such a character that the case was clearly one calling for very special recognition. On the night of 21st November of last year, shortly before the departure of the S.S. Heroic from the Donegall Quay on her voyage to Liverpool, a passenger was seen to fall into the River Lagan near the stern of the vessel, and a man who had accompanied him to the quay to see him off jumped into the water with the intention of assisting him. Unfortunately neither man was capable of making any progressive effort…. And recognising the critical position in which these two men were placed – the were close to the propellor of the ship – Lappin dived into the water and succeeded in rescuing both men. 

Boys Brigade Cross for Heroism

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