McIntyre J – 1908

BB Gazette Vol.16 No.7 – The Brigade’ Executive have awarded the Cross for Heroism to Corporal John M’Intyre (15), 7th Perth Company, for saving a Boy from drowning in the river Tay, on 14th January, 1908.

The Courier, 14th January 1908 – A narrow scape from death by drowning was witnessed on the Tay at Perth yesterday. Shortly after midday John Ferguson (3), son of Joshua Ferguson, Fireman 33 Commercial Street, Bridgend, was amusing himself, along with another little fellow, by throwing sticks into the river at the Horsewater when he fell in. A strong current was flowing at the time, and the boy was carried down some distance. The occurrence fortunately was observed by an apprentice baker named John M’Intrye, who rescued the lad and had him conveyed home.

Royal Humane Society No.35805 – Testmonial and £1 to John MacIntyre, apprentice baker, Perth, for his gallantry on January 14 in rescuing a boy who had fallen into the Tay there.

Boys Brigade Cross for Heroism

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