Moore H – 1969

BB Gazette Vol.78 No.2The Boys’ Brigade Cross for Heroism has been awarded to fifteen-year-old William Harold Moore of the 1st Donaghadee (Co. Down) company for rescuing a girl from drowning in Donaghadee Harbour, on 27th September, 1969.

About 9 p.m. that evening the girl was being ferried by her father to their cabin-cruiser which was moored just off the harbour. Suddenly, the dinghy overturned and the seven-year-old girl disappeared. Her father dived down twice, but was unable to find her. There were many dinghies moored in the vicinity; she could have been under any one of them. An eye-witness spotted the girl and called for help from two Boys who were walking nearby. One of them was Harold Moore who dived in fully clothed — his friend (a Scout) removed his heavy pullover and shoes and followed. They swam to the dinghy and feeling under it, found the little girl. At this spot the water was deep; it was getting dark and the rescuers had to swim about thirty feet from the harbour wall. The water was also choppy with wind blowing off the sea. There is no doubt that but for this plucky action the girl would have drowned.

Boys Brigade cross for heroism

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