Vanderbeck L – 1978

BB Canada – Hotline Vol.3 No.5 – At a special ceremony held at Government House in P.E.I, during September, Leslie Vanderbeck, of 2nd New Brunswick, Newcastle Company, was presented with The Boys’ Brigade Cross for Heroism by the Lieutenant-Governor, Gordon Bennett. This event was the highlight of a Training weekend for Officers and senior N.C.O.’s held at Charlottetown. Leslie was recommended for this high award by his Captain, Rev. Evan Bottomley, as a result of heroic efforts on Leslie’s part which culminated in the successful rescue of two young lady swimmers. The swimmers had become in trouble while bathing in the Restigouche River during their attendance at a Church-sponsored Camp.

The wording of the Citation is printed below;

“The Cross for Heroism is awarded to Leslie Vanderbeck, who, being a member of The Boys’ Brigade in Canada, in the 2nd New Brunswick Company, Newcastle, has performed a signal act of self-sacrifice for others and shown heroism in saving life. Whereas while at a Church Camp on the Restigouche River, Leslie did observe a young lady in difficulty in a fast-moving and treacherous part of the river, and while moving to her aid, did further notice an additional young lady experiencing difficulties as well, did enter the treacherous waters of the river, and with considerable effort and courage, did successfully bring both young ladies to shore, thus averting a certain disaster and loss of life, the Brigade Executive of The Boys’ Brigade in Canada, upon the recommendation of his Company Captain, hereby awards the Cross for Heroism to this worthy and courageous young man.

On the occasion of a special weekend of Officer Training for men and women from the Maritime Provinces being held here in Charlottetown, his Honour, Gordon Bennett, Lieutenant-Governor of Prince Edward Island, has willingly consented to make the presentation of this Cross for Heroism.”

Boys Brigade cross for heroism

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