Queen’s Badge

Since 1953 The Queen’s Badge has been the highest award that may be gained by a member of The Boys’ Brigade. Through a variety of activities, the award aims to challenge and equip the individual with new skills, provide new opportunities, and expand horizons.

In the years since it was first awarded, The Queen’s Badge has offered thousands of members with the chance to engage with the local community, take on new responsibilities in their Company, build self-confidence, and experience a sense of achievement.

In 2019, young people completing their Queen’s Badge contributed over 75,000 hours of volunteering within their own Company and their wider community.

The requirements for achieving The Queen’s Badge are varied and have, over the years, included:

  • Holding the President’s Badge
  • Volunteering in the local community
  • Attending a Candidate’s Meeting with fellow members
  • Participating in skills-based training in leadership
  • Taking responsibility within their local church or ‘BB’ Company
  • Develop Interests in-line with ‘BB’ activities including Sports, Physical, and Expedition

Achieving The Queen’s Badge demonstrates a sustained commitment to The Boys’ Brigade and remains the highest award that may be gained.

The Queen's Badge

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Queens Badge Manufacturing Die

Queens Badge 1952-1968 manufacturing die, used by Miller of Birmingham. 

The Boys’ Brigade Archive Collection.


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