From its earliest days in the 1880’s, the uniform adopted by The Boys’ Brigade was simple and inexpensive. The most junior rank of private had a forage cap having two rows of eighth-inch white braid and the company number at the front, a white linen haversack, and a leather waist belt with the B.B. crest on the buckle.

Since then, the uniform has undergone numerous changes to keep up with the changing fashion, and this can be seen in the many images and video on other pages on this Virtual Museum.

Boys Brigade

We intend to represent every version of The Boys’ Brigade uniform in a timeline, and work is progressing to get these all photographed on Mannequins. Whilst the BB archives has an extensive collection of uniform, there may be some items which we are missing, and we need your help to procure (loan) these items. This list will be updated as we work through the time periods so please return to this page. Some of the items we believe will be impossible to find in an acceptable condition for the project and plan to have there recreated. We are therefore seeing the assistance of a tailor, dressmaker or costume maker to help with this. If you know of anyone who can help, please contact us.

And finally, we are also seeking the assistance of a photographer for the photo shoot, if you can help in anyway, please email archive@boys-brigade.org.uk

The uniform items we are currently seeking are listed below, some of which are also illustrated in the gallery:

Boys Life Brigade Uniform

Boys Life Brigade Life Boys Uniform

Lady Officers Uniform

Imps Uniform

Cadets uniform

Mens suits from the 1880s-1960s

Boys suits (jacket/trousers/shorts) from the 1880s-1940s

Media Files

Archive shop

The BB Archives have a selection of new old stock and second hand uniform for sale. For information please email: Archive@boys-brigade.org.uk

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