The Boys’ Brigade Archive Trust manages the archive collection of The Boys’ Brigade which includes all the Boys’ Brigade Company records, statistics, and publications, as well as a significant collection of Company, Battalion, District, and Regional material, stored in the main Boys’ Brigade centres in England and Scotland. The Brigade archivist has for the past few years been digitising the Brigade archive collection, and to-date over a quarter of a million documents have been added to the digital archive, totalling approximately 3 million pages.

The Trust continues to add to the collection, both with digital material and also historical paper based records. Recently a number of Battalions and Companies have deposited their records and archvies with the Brigade Archives, in particulalr Companies and Battalions which have merged or closed. This ensures that the archvies are preserved and available for future reference and historical research. Additionally a few Companies and Battalions have started contributing material which is ‘born digital’ to the Brigade archives. Unless this digital material is actively collected, it will be lost to future generatons of Brigade members.

Anyone wishing to visit the BB Archives, or would like information about contributing material to the BB archives, please contact the Brigade Archivist



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