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The Queensland History and memorabilia center was opening in March 2016 at the Glengarry  Education Centre, in Queensland Australia following many years of work by Keith Young and fellow BB enthusiasts in Queensland. The Museum has a focus on the BB Queensland, the 1st Brisbane Company and George Orr, but also includes collections of material from Pan Australian Camps, The Boys’ Brigade overseas, as well as early Boys Brigade artifacts.

George Orr joined the 1st Glasgow Company as a Boy under the Founder, W A Smith, in 1887 and rose through the ranks to become the Senior Lieutenant in the company before emigrating to Brisbane as a plumber in 1912. By 1913, he had started the 1st Brisbane Company at the Ithaca Presbyterian Church, Paddington. All photos were taken of the 1st Brisbane George Orr Room a week before the official opening. Included are photos, flags, drums and bugles, books and badges etc, to honor the many people who have played a part in the story of the company over the past 103 years of its continued existence.

Walking through the connecting archway to the next room can be found a flag from the 1st Devonport Coy Tasmania, and on the other wall is an historic Certificate of Registration protecting the name of The Boys’ Brigade here in Queensland. This was required to be done in Queensland because both New South Wales and South Australian Boys’ Brigade companies were having difficulty with another Boys’ Brigade organization having been started by the Fairfax newspaper empire from 1882 – 1884 and which had been registered under the title of The Boys’ Brigade. The law required that our BB companies (where this other brigade operated) operate under the title of “The British Empire Boys’ Brigade”. The problem was eventually resolved for us in 1960 when we were allowed to register our title under the name “The Boys’ Brigade Australia”.

Doug Adam served the Brigade from 1940 commencing the 2nd Brisbane Company and served his whole adult life in many different positions, including BB Australia and Queensland President.

Max Gray is the founder of the Pan Australian Camp movement within The Boys’ Brigade, having organized and lead the first to the fifth camps from 1963 – 1975. Max was also Australian President for 5 years.

There are number of activity sheets aimed at Anchor, Junior and Senior Boys to guide them around the Museum and display and it is hoped that the History and Memorabilia Centre will become a tool to help Boys write their essays for BB Knowledge and Queen’s Badge requirements as well as helping future officers to know our past achievements.

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The museum is open to the public by appointment.


Glengarry Education Centre
370 Watsons Rd
Mount Tarampa
QLD 4311


Glengarry Education Centre
Tel: +61754279176

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