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The Boys’ Brigade Archive contains thousands of items including a taxidermied turtle, Sir William Alexander Smiths letter books, and a 1933 Jubilee flag to name a few.  We have chosen a few objects to share with you below, and will continue to add to this section of the virtual museum. Click on the objects to view a brief history of the object and follow the links to explore this virtual museum further.

Centenary sweatshire

Light blue sweatshirt with a colour Boys’ Brigade centenary crest, available in BB Supplies from late 1982 until early 1984.

Explore the centenary and the many events held during 1983 on the virtual musuem by clicking the link below.

Goss pot

This tiny Goss pot is one of a number of Goss china pieces in The Boys’ Brigade archive collection. Other pieces in the collection are shown below and can be viewed by clicking on the images.

Goss china covers the products manufactured by the Falcon Pottery, owned by William Henry Goss and situated in Stoke on Trent. In the late 19th century the Falcon Pottery took advantage of the new niche market of seaside souvenir collecting and produce miniature copies of Greek and Roman pots and vases, decorated with the coat of arms of coastal towns to be sold as “seaside souvenirs”. This included producing a range of BB crested pottery aimed at the BB Camp market, these were bought by boys to take home to their parents as souvenirs of their time in camp.

AD2000 Shield

Wooden shield produced as a souvenier of the Millenium in 2000. The design was also used for commemorative buttonhole badges, and a number of BB Companies and Battalions in the UK also produced similar design named commemorative badges.

The Millenium was also commemorated with an appeal to purchase two Lifeboats for the RNLI.

Junior Section 75th Anniversary mug

Ceramic mug with the Junior Section 75th anniversary logo.

In 1992, the Junior Section celebrated the 75th Anniversary with fun events, parties, team games, recruiting programmes, and the challenge was put out to all Junior Sections to undertake a form of Community Service.

1st Selkirk crested wooden drum

Wooden side drum with rope tensions, painted with the BB crest and ‘1st Selkirk Company’

The 1st Selkirk Company, connected to St Mary’s Hathalie West and Lawson Memorial Churches, was enrolled on the 9th February 1934, and part of the Scottish Borders Battalion.

Sample Lead Figures

Richard Newth-Gibbs produced a series of Lead Figures for sale in BB Supplies. This is the sample box, which included two painted figures and two unpainted figures. The BB Archive Collection contains a number of different boxes of figures. Examples of some of the diverse range of figures can be seen by clicking on the images below.

Sir W A Smith 150th Anniversary plate

Glazed ceramic plate produced to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of the founder of The Boys’ Brigade Sir William Alexander Smith in 2004.

A matching mug was also produced.

Celebrating 125 years in 2008 mug

Ceramic mug with the Celebration 125 years in 2008 logo.

Many events were held around the UK to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the founding of The Boys’ Brigade in 2008. Click the link to explore some of these events featured in this Virtual Museum.

43rd Liverpool Tug of War shield

Wooden shield with engraved metal plates. Awarded by the 42nd Liverpool for inter squad Tug of War competition. First awarded in 1907 and last awarded in 1936.

The 43rd Liverpool Company attached to St Cyprians Church Edge Hill, was enrolled on 24th September 1906.

Sports Cap - Dublin 1939-40

Dark Blue velvet sports cap with silver wire tassle and lettering, with embroideredoval Boys’ Brigade crest.

Sports caps were awarded by a number of battalions in the early to mid part of the 20th century. The BB Archive collection includes caps from Bristol, Liverpool, Nottingham and Dublin Battalions.

Jubilee 1933 Mens' handkerchief

White cotton mens’ handkerchief embroidered with the BB Jubilee 1933 crest. The Boys’ Brigade archive collection contains a number of commemorative Jubillee handkerchiefs in various styles and fabric.

Many commemorative souverniers were produced for the Jubilee in 1933, including biscuit tins, badges, postcards and tea cups.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight Area Life Boy Shield

Carved wooden shield with engraved metal plates and Life Boy metal badge. The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Area Life Boy sports Shield was first awarded to the 9th Southampton Life Boy Team in 1925, and was last awarded in 1958.

Inscription at the bottom reads: Designed, carved and presented by Mr. C Henry Meadows 1925.

World Conference 1982 woven document case

Woven document case with zip, issued to delegates who attended the World Conference Committee meetings in Lagos Nigeria, August 1982. 

Learn more about the World Conference of The Boys’ Brigade elsewhere on this Virtual Museum by following the link below.

Boys Brigade boy Sculpture craft moulding and paint set

Sculpture craft moulding and paint set unboxed containing instructions, paints and rubber mould for a Boys’ Brigade boy wearing the BB ‘A’ uniform which featured the ‘pill box’ cap.

BB Supplies price list 1962: Sculptorcraft, B.B. Modelling Pack, Includes mould, powder, brush and paints for one model Boy. “A” or “B” uniform. Price 3 shillings and 11 pence.

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